SpeechLion 0.3.3

What's New

v0.3.3: Now using Sphinx4 1.0beta, FreeTTS 1.2.2, and Jython 2.2.1. Testing was done under Ubuntu 9.10 and installation instructions target Ubuntu. Custom dictionary words may be added to custom.dict. Bugfixes: handle FreeTTS absence better, fix "classifieds" word not found.

v0.3.2: minor documentation and release process updates to make more compatible with new website design.

v0.3.1: Added shell mode. Added mouse wheel commands. Moved shared mode declarations into common.gram. Automatic detection and handling of missing FreeTTS (disables spoken acknowledgements).

v0.3: Added spoken acknowledgements via FreeTTS. Added emacs mode. Added ssh grammar. Added "show help" command in all modes. Simplified all grammars by removing consume tags and shortening key specifiers.

v0.2.1: Tested with Sphinx-4 1.0beta binary distro. Updated docs to reflect that CVS build of Sphinx-4 is not needed. Added volume control commands.

v0.2: First public release. Alpha-quality code.