Nokia Internet Tablet Stuff

I have recently purchased a Nokia n810 Internet Tablet (NIT). Here are some projects I have been working on with it.

Porting Gene Cash's PIM Apps to OS 2008

My ports of Gene Cash's PIM Apps now reside on Maemo Garage. Please update any bookmarks you may have. My hope is that hosting the files on garage will make it easier for others to contribute code and bug reports.

GPE to iCalendar

I am currently using the GPE todo list, calendar, and address book programs. I wrote this script to use gpesyncd to export data from their databases. Unfortunately, gpesyncd does a poor job of generating valid iCalendar data. There were numerous instances of BYDAY=(NULL) and the (NULL) is not valid according to iCalendar syntax. Perhaps this is why Erminig appears to be using the GPE database directly for its syncing.

Since I haven't been using my n810 very long I gave up and decided to roll back to the original data I took from my PalmOS calendar and fix it up from there. I am putting the script here in case others are interested. It may be enough to go through manually and clean up the offending bits of iCalendar...

Python GPS library

I could not get the python-gpsbt module to work correctly on my n810. While trying to understand what was wrong, I noticed that python-gpsbt was talking to gpsd directly. I decided to wrap the "Official Maemo" liblocation API using ctypes instead. The code is here:

PalmOS Datebk4 and DateBk5 Conversion Script

To migrate my calendar data from my PalmOS device to the NIT, I first synced my Palm device with Evolution. Unfortunately the fancy DateBk software on Palm puts some strange characters in the description field of most calendar entries. In addition, some of the calendar entries are called "floating events" which are really more like todo entries. The following script takes an iCalendar file and cleans out the extra DateBk magic strings and writes the floating events to a separate file, converting them to todo entries in the process.